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totem talk top 10 stocks

Totem Talk Top Ten Stocks

May 23rd, 2013 Posted by Investing in Stocks No Comment yet

Totem Talk Top Ten Stocks

Over the last 2 years, we focused on the company analysis, this is the main theme of what we do at Totem. We went over different companies then choose the company for our investment. We had to consider every aspect of the company. I’m glad to announce that today, we finally came up with our Top 10 list, we called it Totem Talk Top Ten Stocks. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get to it.

By the way, ideas from our three teams comprised this whole report. We have the Stories team who updates us with anything about the company’s management, nature of business, history, and background, and treatment with employees. Next in line is the Numbers team who’s after the financial status of the company. And lastly, the Pricing team. As the name implies, the team is responsible for the pricing of the company; if it is a candidate for a buy or not?

We consider every aspect of the company. Here are the processes we went through to come up with our Totem Talk Top Ten Stocks.

The Scale

The core purpose of this is to let us know if the company is doing well when we speak of the management, the financial health, and the market value as well. Each team has their criteria to consider and give a grade of A, B or C. If the company got triple-A from each team, then the company is a good one.

Overall Scale Stories Numbers Pricing

The Notes

The description of the company according to our team. This is also the summary of the characteristic based on the area being discussed. This will give you the idea on the “why” the company was graded A, B or C, what went wrong and its current status.

Market Price Used

This is the stock price of the company used during the period of evaluation.

Buy, Sell or Hold

This is reflected in the area of Pricing. This entails if our team decided to Buy, Sell or Hold based on the result of the analysis.


You might be wondering as to how we arrived at the score. Pointing back to all the above criteria, we came up with the points to represent each. We have also the voting as to “Yes” or “No” if the company can be included in our Top 10. Giving value, Yes is equivalent to 1  point and No is 0.5 point. For the scale, A ranges from 85 to 100, B is from 75 to 84, and C is 74 and below. Additionally, since we have this buy, sell and hold, we also have points for it. For this, Buy is 0.25, Sell is 0, and Hold is 0.125.

The Rank

This is the ranking of the company based on the score.

So out of all the 50 companies that we’ve discussed, and applying all the pointers above, allow me to present to you our Top 10 companies.

Top 10 Companies

Keep in mind that when buying a stock, you’re becoming a part owner of the company. Therefore, choosing the right company is ideal since you will hold the stocks for the long run.

On the side track, do you know that before we came up with this summary, each team faced many challenges? Yes and I can prove that myself. But what is great is we learned a lot in the process. Investing is risky and yet fun. For some fresh from the oven talk, I asked them as to what they can say about the whole process. Come on!

Views/opinions of those who performed the three types of analyses

Karla says, “My experience with the Totem Talk Top Ten Stock lists challenging yet wonderful. First of all, with stories, I managed to update and get to know more about the companies we have worked on in the past and the new ones. With this, I feel like I was trained again on how critical the scaling and grading each company was. Also, working and cooperating with other teams is great since I’m learning from them as well. Seeing the results from everyone’s hard work is truly remarkable.”

For Numbers team, Ms. Rio informed me that, “Although the process took longer [than expected], we are confident of what we had decided since each team shared its evaluation of the company based on its area. ”

And for the finale, “Totem Talk Top Ten Stocks is really brilliant!  Every information you need to know about the company for investment purposes you can find in one place. Like 3 in 1; Stories, Numbers, and Pricing. Great!, ” said Cris of our Pricing team.

This report seems to be easy when you look at it. And that is our goal; to share with you this list in the simplest form possible. But trying to dig down on the behind the scenes, you will find out just how big the effort was. So what more can I say? The experience is hard, needs a lot of patience but truly amazing.

Thank you for reading.


Research Reports can be found under the company tab.