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Keenly Monitoring List Of Companies To Keep Close Watch On

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Keenly monitoring list of companies. Totem focuses on different methods of filtering good companies from the US market. Moreover, we used fundamental analysis and other methods to value the companies.

Totem’s color-code:

Green To Buy
No color To Hold
Red To Sell

Evergreen –        Hold for five (5) years or more. Totem has classified its portfolio into the following categories:

Woody –              Similar to evergreen but will not reduce the holdings even if the company’s stock is fully priced. These are great growth companies in the process of maturing.

Deciduous –       Hold for two (2) to five (5) years. These are companies falling off after the stage of growth

Monocarpic –     Hold for one (1) or two (2) years. These are companies once profitable and then die.

Keenly Monitoring list of  Companies:

Rank Symbol Company Name Sub Type
1 AVG AVG Technologies NV List Deciduous
2 KORS Michael Kors Holdings Ltd List Deciduous
3 QIWI Qiwi PLC List Deciduous
4 BIDU Baidu Inc ADR List Deciduous
5 PCLN Priceline Group Inc List Deciduous
6 AAPL Apple Inc List Deciduous
7 LOPE Grand Canyon Education Inc List Deciduous
8 FSLR First Solar Inc List Deciduous
9 HFC HolyFrontier Corp List Deciduous
10 SB Safe Bulkers Inc Cream Monocarpic
11 ESI ITT educational Inc Cream  Monocarpic
12 AHGP Alliance Holdings GP LP List Monocarpic
13 ADS Alliance Data System Corp List Monocarpic
14 EMES Emerge Energy Services LP List Monocarpic
15 FHCO The Female Health Co. List Monocarpic
16 LYB LyondellBasell Industries NV List NP
17 VIPS Vipshop Holdings Ltd ADR A List NP
18 COH Coach Inc List NP
19 ROST Ross Stores Inc List NP
20 FB Facebook Inc List NP
21 SILC Silicom List NP
22 CTSH Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp List NP
23 TTC Toro Co List NP
24 CMI Cummins Inc List NP
25 BHP BHP Billiton Limited (ADR) List NP
26 WRLD World Acceptance Corp Cream NP
27 ATI Allegheny Technologies Incorporated Cream NP
28 FSTR L.B. Foster Co Cream NP
29 NUS Nu Skin Enterprises Inc List NP
30 TCK Teck Resources Ltd Class B Cream NP
31 TCPI TCP International Holdings Ltd Cream NP
32 FCX Freeport McMoran Inc List NP
33 SCHN Schnitzer Steel Industries Cream  NP
34 GRPN Groupon Inc List NP

We periodically updating and monitoring the current changes and filtering these companies. Therefore, it gives you a glimpse of the company’s status and current performance. Furthermore, it will serve as your guide.

Thank you for reading.

Written by Criselda

Twitter: criseldarome


Research Reports can be found under the company tab.