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Actively Following List of Companies to Keep an Eye

December 2nd, 2015 Posted by Stock to Watch No Comment yet

It is important for an investor to keep an eye to different companies he/she is monitoring and investing in. It may be in the form of a document or uses the web to stay updated. Just like any other investors, we at Totem, have our own list. We are revealing again our list of actively following stocks.

Before anything else, let me familiarize you with the table below.


  • Green means to buy
  • No Color means to hold.

Symbol: Company symbol.

Name Complete name of the company.


  • Deciduous is stocks that we will hold for two to five years while
  • Monocarpic is stocks that we will hold for less than two years (most likely around one year).

List of Companies

Rank Symbol Name Type
1 KORS Michael Kors Holdings Deciduous
2 BIDU Baidu Inc (ADR) Deciduous
3 PCLN Priceline Group Inc Deciduous
4 AAPL Apple Inc.
5 LOPE Grand Canyon Education Deciduous
6 FB Facebook Inc Deciduous
7 FHCO Female Health Deciduous
8 FSLR First Solar, Inc.
9 CTSH Cognizant Tech Deciduous
10 HFC HollyFrontier Corp Deciduous
11 LULU Lululemon Athletica inc.
12 KING King Digital Entertainment Monocarpic
13 SB Safe Bulkers, Inc. Monocarpic
14 ESI ITT Educational Monocarpic
15 JOY Joy Global Inc. Monocarpic
16 COH Coach Inc Monocarpic

We are filtering dozens of public companies and add to our list those that we think undervalued and of a good balance sheet. However, monitoring all these can be overwhelming at times and we cannot put equal attention to each. That’s why we continuously filter this list and keep those that we think still substantial to us.

Written by: Maydee


Research Reports can be found under the company tab.